UPDATE! It’s here! It’s here!

A is for Adventures in Adulting: An Adult Coloring Book has been published and is available to buy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other fine retailers.

And now back to the original post…

colored pages

Waaay back in 2010, I was interested in rekindling the idea of play for adults. So many of us find ourselves being so serious all the time, it’s kind of a drag! Those of us who do creative work know that without playfulness, there will be no creativity in our work! I thought to myself, ‘jee… I like coloring. I wonder if other adults would like to color too.” Well, suffice it to say, I was right. By 2015, adult coloring books dominated Amazon’s top selling book list.

Now comes the part where I cry a little.

I decided in 2011 that I’d create a coloring book with an animal theme – it would be called A is for An Ant on an Airplane and it would be an alliterative alphabet of animals doing adult chores. I started some illustrations for it in 2011 while I was living in Costa Rica. Here’s one from back then: T is for Turtle paying Taxes

turtle paying taxes

I worked on the book off and on while we traveled between the US and several countries in Central America. To be honest, I was quite busy with client work and the adventures of traveling (like the time Mike and I chased pigs out of the back yard wearing only our underwear or the time Mike was pooped on by a howler monkey while we both struggled to have some sort of control of the horses we were riding).

By the end of 2013, we were taking a 3-month break in Panama and I was putting the final touches on the cover artwork. And then it happened. Through a glitch in my file backup system, I ended up deleting all of my book files.


Mistakes happen, and this one was painful. Instead of trying to recreate everything I just lost, I decided to let myself cry for an hour or so and then let it go. So I did. And I wrote a book about how to pack for indefinite overseas travel instead.

Now comes the part where I dance a little.

Flash forward to present day when I recovered several of these illustrations on a backup hard drive. Hooray! I’ve been working on completing the illustrations and plan to publish this spring. I’m really excited about publishing another book and this one is going to be a fun one to share! This is a screenshot of the InDesign file of my latest illustration: C is for a Caterpillar Cleaning out the Closet

caterpillar cleaning out the closet

Get your copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.